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When completing their fact find on clients financial advisers ask if the clients have a Will. Often the answer is ‘no’ and the advice from the adviser is that the client should address this issue and have a Will drafted for them. Yet year after year the answer is still the same ‘no’ as the client does not heed the advice given.

Even when the answer is 'yes' the client has a Will, when was it last reviewed? What planning does the Will contain? Is it a tax efficient Will? These questions are left unanswered.

The FSA apply soft pressure to financial advisers to promote the value of having a Will to their clients, and lets face it why would our clients take your sound advice on protection insurance and increasing their wealth only to leave it to the realms of the law to distribute such wealth upon their death!!!

To assist Financial Advisers in providing a professional and user friendly Willwriting and Estate Planning service for their clients, Complete Wills offer a unique and flexible approach to working with financial advisers.

Our Simple Will Instruction Form asks some basic questions about the client’s situation, whom they wish to administer their estate, and who they want their estate to pass to.

Complete Wills Simple Will Instruction Form was drafted with the lay person in mind. The form is designed so that you can either leave the form with your clients to complete and for you to collect on your next visit, or for you to work through with your client.

Our Simple Will Instruction Form asks the client if they example about losing their house to pay for their long term they have certain special circumstances, for example one beneficiaries is disabled. This type of situation needs a high we wouldn’t expect the financial adviser to feel comfortable about giving such advice.

For this reason we take the burden away from the financial adviser who needs no formal training to assist their clients.

Simple Will System - How it works

For further information simply contact us on 0800 018 4480 or email for a user name and password to log on to our financial advisers zone.

Simple Will System – How it Works

  1. Using our Simple Will Instruction Form, which can be downloaded from this website, the Financial Adviser either assists their client complete the easy to use for, or leaves the form with the client to complete for your collection later.
  2. The Financial Adviser charges the client for the Willwriting Service.
  3. The Simple Will Instruction Form is submitted to Complete Wills together with the appropriate fee to Complete Wills.
  4. Complete Wills engage with the client directly sending them a confirmation letter outlining our understanding of their instructions and enclosing our terms of business for signing and returning to us.
  5. Following confirmation by the client Complete Wills draft the Will and forward it to the client with instruction on how to sign and witness the document.
  6. Complete Wills then follow up directly with the client on any of the concerns or special circumstances the client may have indicated on their Simple Will Instruction Form.
  7. Complete Wills provide solutions to the clients concerns or special circumstances and send the financial adviser 20% of any further fees paid by the client for such solutions.

The Financial Adviser can, if they wish, be more involved in any part of the seven points above, for example assisting the clients with the signing and witnessing of the Wills. However, there is no requirement on our part for the Financial Adviser to be involved following the submission of the Simple Will Instruction Form.