In simple terms a grant of probate is confirmation from the Probate Registry that the executor under a Will is the person legally entitled to administer the estate. In small estates, or estates which mainly consist of jointly owned assets, a grant of probate may not be necessary to administer the deceased’s affairs.

If a person dies without leaving a valid Will then it may be necessary for the next of kin to apply to the Probate Registry for ‘Letters of Administration’, once granted this will give them the right to administer the deceased’s estate.

Our Probate Service

The death of a loved one always presents challenging times for those left behind. The emotional torment of dealing with a death can prove extremely stressful, this coupled with the somewhat daunting task of administering the deceased's affairs can prove too much for most people.

The thought of completing the necessary documentation, attending the court for a probate interview, administering and accounting for the deceased’s assets prompts most Executors to search for professional assistance.

Complete Wills not only draft Wills, Trusts and other documents associated with our clients estates, we also work with personal representatives and are actively involved in the administration of estates.

Personal Representatives (Executors and Family of the deceased) can ask us to assist them in a variety of ways. You decide what level of involvement you wish us to have. We can be employed in just an advisory capacity, right up to handling the total administration of the estate, it’s your choice.

For clients who do not have anyone close to them to appoint as an Executor, or they feel their affairs should be dealt with by a professional, Complete Wills can provide a solution and act in the administration of their estate.


People are often ‘put off’ from using professionals due to the high or uncertain fees which may be charged. At Complete Wills we will meet with the personal representatives with no obligation to employ us. We will discuss our cost effective fees and our terms of business upfront in simple language. Usually we quote a fixed price before proceeding. This means that everyone concerned is fully aware of the costs involved.