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Simple, Convenient, Cost Effective – Complete Wills Service

Many people keep putting off the idea of writing their Will, until something adverse happens to them and then 'the penny drops'.

At Complete Wills we encourage you not to leave it until the penny drops, but to act as soon as possible.

Therefore, Complete Wills provide a simple, convenient and cost effective solution to writing your Will and planning your estate.

Home Visit Service or Office Appointment

Whether you prefer one of our professional advisers to visit you in the comfort of your own home, or you prefer to arrange a visit to our friendly offices, Complete Wills can fit in with your requirements.

With your privacy and confidentiality at the forefront of our minds we shall guide you through a simple procedure recording your wishes as you progress giving you help and advice along the way.

Our meeting Will take approximately one hour, though we will be happy to spend whatever time is necessary to discuss the best options for you.

Following our initial meeting we will draft your Will and arrange to deliver your specially bound Last Will and Testament to you for the crucial signing and witnessing procedure.

Postal Willwriting Service

It is true to say that even the wealthiest of people is better off having a simple Will than no Will at all. With this in mind Complete Wills have devised a simple method of providing your Simple Will through our Postal Willwriting Service.

You receive a simple instruction form to complete. This Postal Instruction Form also asks you if you have concerns in life and any issues that may be involved in your estate, for example, are you concerned about losing your home should you reside in a Care Home, or, have you omitted anyone from your Will who you feel may contest the Will when you die?

Once we receive you Postal Instruction Form we will draft your Simple Will and send it to you for approval together with our terms of business. Once approved, we will send your Simple Will to you for you to sign and have witnessed. Your Simple Will is now valid.

Thereafter we will discuss with you any of the concerns and/or issues highlighted on your Postal Instruction Form together with any available solutions. The main achievement by using our Postal Willwriting Service is that you have a Simple Valid Will in place.

In Summary

Approximately one hour of your time is all it takes for Complete Wills to give you the advice you need, draft your Will and give you the peace of mind that the matter is dealt with.