Video Wills, Memorial Messages and This is my Life Video Stories

A gift that will last beyond a lifetime

Video Wills

A written Will is legally worded and can therefore only say so much and can be very impersonal. You have thought about to whom you would like to leave your worldly goods, and you may have thought about what you would like to say to such people, but the written Will is a formal record and cannot convey your emotions.

Leaving a Video Will for your loved ones can raise their spirits: give them an opportunity to let go in their own time and can be a great keepsake which can be replayed time and again in the future.

Remember, a written Will is necessary under the law of England & Wales, no other type of Will is legally recognised, but a Video Will gives you the opportunity to visually inform you loved ones of what you have bequeathed to them, what feelings you have for them, and any wishes you may have as to how they may spend or use their inheritance.

The Video Will can also be used as strong evidence as to why you have not bequeathed any of your estate to someone, an estranged family member for example. What better information could such a person have than your recorded feelings and reasons for leaving them out of your Will!

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Memorial Messages

If you have a partner, children, grandchildren or a dear friend but could never find the right moment to tell them how much you loved them, how much they mean to you, offer advice and chat about fond memories, or you have found the right moments but you’d like to leave a lasting legacy of such messages for them to play again and again, we can help you record your lasting personal message.

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'This is My Life' – Video Stories

How many family members really know your life story? A video story or eulogy, enables you through photographs and your voice to remember your life story, to visually tell your family and friends all about your life, talk about the people who influenced you and to talk about those who made your life so special.

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Video Wills

A video recording of you reading your Will to allow your beneficiaries to see and hear you stating your last wishes, and explaining the reasons behind those wishes and provisions in your Will. It is an opportunity for you to say exactly what you want in your own words.

Any beneficiaries mentioned in the Will, will be able to see and understand the reasons for the decisions in your Will and we will create an edited video recording which will ensure that your views have been fully and respectfully represented.

All services in the product of the Video Will are undertaken in the privacy of your own home or place or residence.

Memorial Messages

Individual and personal video messages recorded for your loved ones.

Each individual message can last up to 10 minutes after editing. Let your loved ones remember the best of you. Its your opportunity to say all the things you perhaps always wanted to say but never found the right moment to say it.

A memorial message can also inform a family member of the reasons why you have not left them some form of provision in your Will, or have bequeathed to them less than they were perhaps expecting!

A message of love….

A message of advice….

A message of inspiration….

This is my Life – Video Stories

We have all got a story to tell…

This is quite a unique service and can be suitable for use as a Eulogy or a family keepsake for current and future generations.

A 'This is my Life' video using photographs, perhaps from early childhood through teenage years to marriage, the birth of a child to present day and all recorded with a backdrop of your voice telling your story and recounting the memories each photograph invokes.

A wonderful gift to raise the spirits of loved ones left behind and a beautiful remainder of happier days. A real celebration of your life.


Video Will & up to 3 Memorial Messages

Single Person - £495 plus VAT
Couple - £695 plus VAT

Memorial Message only

Single Person - £250 plus VAT
Couple - £295 plus VAT

'This is My Life' Video Story (Up to 50 photographs each)

Single Person - £395 plus VAT
Couple - £595 plus VAT

Fees include attendance fee at your home for the single visit required and one edited DVD of your requested product.

Additional copies of any DVD from any service - £15 plus VAT